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Subject: family reunite
please advise on my matter that we all family members issued pr status
five years ago and we all landed Canada in 2007.after the stay of @37 days i and my two kids returned to our country because of my mother as i am the only son and my father has been expired so i have to look after her as she is suffering from diabetes and hypertension.But my spouse remained at Canada for 7 months and she also returned to home country.In 2010 wife with two kids are there and still continue and they have renewed their pr self went to canada in 2012 april and after the stay of two month my mother´s condition becomes unstable so i only returned to home country.later on she diagnosed cancer in fourth stage.currently i am looking after her cancer treatment but my pr card is expired in june 2012 and i am not able to maintain my residency obligation so how our family reunite in future after the any bad news of my mother in future.

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Common sense has to rule and if you want compassion your situation has to comply with common sense.

For someone who has had diabetes for twenty + years I see no logical reason why you & your kids had to return after 37 days to take care of your mother. Diabetes can be controlled by diet and exercise. Then medication works wonders.

Did your mother play a guilt trip on you?

All I know is if I had a wife and two kids where ever they were would be were my loyalty lies. It could not be too expensive in India to retain a Live In Care Giver.

Why would CIC believe that now after all this time you will want to live permanently in Canada?


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