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Subject: ARC application please help
hi any one know what is good reason can i put for ARC application then can i get ARC. i am refugee clament one year bar so PRRA and H&C i cant apply.i have to go back cbsa say to me. i no need to apply visa to come canada.but need ARC.please advice.



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If you go back to your home country and apply for ARC you will have to show
- the ties you have in Canada (job, familly...)
-you have to show that you had always respected immigration regulations (such of showing up for apointments..)
- the circonstances of your deportation or voluntary departure (such pay your own ticket..)
- and you have to show regret and apology for your trouble with the system.
and any other factor related with your personal situation.

-think first what type of Permanent resident visa you are applying for and if you are eligible and then think about ARC

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Any good reason for an ARC is based on your own personal circumstances. If there are children involved there is no one year band on H&C applications.

*** Unlike what ntl2013 says there would be no reason for an ARC if you left on a voluntary departure order.

A better response can be found here about ARC´s.



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