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Subject: Can Unions give reference letter for work experien
  Hey there,
I am applying for PR under the work experience category.I now have the 12 months full time hours required.
I work in the Film and TV industry which involves working for many many different production companies. Because each production, such as a film, closes their books once it is complete I can not get the reference letter for all the days I have done on numerous films and TV series that are now complete. These "companies" no longer exist!
I do work for the TV and film technicians Union here in Canada of which I am a full member. Would it be adequate to have a letter written by the union confirming I have worked through them, listing all the productions I have worked on and my job position/duties, hours I have done and base salary? You cannot work on these productions without being in the union and it is the union that sends me to each production to work.
I can also get a letter from my payroll office though which all these productions have paid me stating my hours, the names of each film and show, my total amount paid, and my job position.
Does anyone know if this will be enough? The nature of my work makes it so difficult!!


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talk to your local, they have systems in place. (unless its nabet, they are shit)

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