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My husband recd the ARC request on Dec 12 in Jamaica. Does anyone have experience with how long an ARC approval takes
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The waiting time depends on where he is applying from , embassies with a lot of ARC To process, longer the waiting time is. The officer doesnt make the final decision he only give an opinion wether the arc should be given and the final decision goes the the manager , the embassy also ask for the opinion from the cbsa in the local office where the removal has been taken place , both the cbsa and the officer give an opinion and the final decision goes to the manager , but its rare that the manager goes with an oposit decision than the opinion. But keep in minde that the arc is a kind of pardon , the letter should contain a remorse and or an apology , that the applicant got himself into this situation. And he should demonstrate clearly nd honestly why an arc should be given.

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