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Subject: Jason Kenney in India - Protests
  Jason Kenney has come to India selling his new immigration policy at Amritsar. We were ready to welcome Mr. Jason Kenney near Jalianwala Bagh outside Shri Harminder Sahib with black Flags and a few of our members inside the Golden Temple to confront Kenney when suddenly on his insistence police arrived and tried to push away our members but failed and our members raised slogans against Kenney and his inhumane policies and waved black flags when he came out.

Punjab Minister for NRI Affairs Bikram Singh Majithia today called upon Jason Kenney, Canada´s Minister for Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism during the latter´s visit to the city.

Majithia took up the sensitive issue of people who had applied for the permanent resident immigration, but denied the same by the Canadian Government after years of waiting. Canadian minister promised to look afresh into the case and assured full support on behalf of the Canadian Government.

Then to pre-empt his move we organized a press conference at 11:30 AM and made the press aware of the facts. The press gave us full support and promised to take up our cause with the visiting minister.

We also sent SMSs to... our Minister for NRI Affairs and that worked very good in our favour.

At 2:00 PM we went to Raddisson Hotel and few of us including me sneaked in Jason Kenney´s press conference while others waved black flags outside. Mr. Bikramjit Singh Majithia arrived on the scene and talked to our members standing outside with black flags. I was called out to discuss with Honourble Sh. Majithia. Convinced of our logic, he called Kenney in the press conference and asked him to hear us, discuss with us and solve our problem.

Jason Kenney sent Tim Uppal, his personal Secretary, and two other officials to discuss with a delegation of four of our members including me, and we totally caught these people on the wrong foot and exposed their wrong policy and our plight. This forced Tim Uppal to promise to review their policy and get back to us very soon.

Meanwhile, at the press conference, Kenney was left alone to defend himself and answer the press. All the journalist pressed our cause with him and the only questions asked during the conference were about our cases and our plight. All in all the program and the very purpose of Jason Kenney´s India visit was lost and defeated.

Immigration is the key to Canada´s economy and the failure of its immigration policies will have a very negative effect on it. Moreover these Canadian Govt. Ministers and officials who made a promise to review their policy and get back to us are also answerable to the world community for what they have promised us and as such they will genuinely review their policy before it is too long and take us in confidence while doing so.

It is an achievement of all those members who unitedly protested though the fire has started but there is still a long way to go. Let us hope that these people are gentlemen and will keep their promise.
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