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Our office offers a complete walkthrough for the new program.

Please visit us:


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To All

A complete (walk through)????

What on earth is a complete walk through?

So you walk through home depot and your an expert on building houses, come on!

What gets me is certain companies call themselves "Canadian Visa Experts" and never list the names of one of their so called EXPERTS. Never list any success stories and there are no media stories about "Canadian Visa Experts, why?

When one is an EXPERT there is little more for them to learn.

Creating a Company with a eye catching name, hiring brand new untried and un-proven authorized persons and implying they are your companies IMMIGRATION EXPERTS makes me want to scream.

When it seems too good to be true RUN!


p.s. My web site is more than 5 years old so I should not be so critical. I have been trying to update same but CIC keep making changes after changes and we are just too busy to find the time to make the changes. It will be arriving soon with video testimonials of previous clients.

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O Roy
Canada is big country man, there is bread for evrybody,
Why you are beein like a bitch,
how long you are here in this forum trayin to get new client for your bisnes..?! And this gentelman or madam is trayin to get some fresh mett for her/his teeth that´s it
live and let live... Mallaka


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