Is it worth to give up DUBAI for CANADA

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Subject: Is it worth to give up DUBAI for CANADA
  Hi all,
My name is Siby from Kerala, india and I am working as an Area Sales Manager ( 3 yrs Hotel Management Diploma) living in DUBAI for last 5 years, and my wife is working as a staff nurse in government sector. We have two kids and happily living in dubai and we are earning $5000 per month. TO BE HONEST, Is it a good idea to migrate to canada for better earnings? Am i risking my families security by taking this step. I have applied for my initial file number...Please share the initial experience of some one recently migrated from level.
Am i doing a gambling by moving to canada as my education is limited to a Diploma?

Your advice worth a million.

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Stay right where you are. You and your wife make a really good income and you both have good jobs. The job market here is horrible and w/ the proper job and education you have, Canada won´t recognize it and you have to start from scratch. Canada is nice, don´t get me wrong but if you live comfortable and well off already, why ruin it.
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Nooooooooooooooo..... Stay where you are my friend
Il clandestino
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WOW all of a sudden you have friends you have never met.

Search your own heart - Why did you even consider immigrating to Canada in the first place? What do you view your life being like in five or ten years from now?

Is it important to have permanent status or even citizenship where you live and work? Can you accept being a nobody with no real status for ever in a foreign land? What future do you want available for your kids?

Nobody can say it is worth it or not it is up to you to do the research necessary yourself. Get to work, take your time, and make an informed decision not based on the now but on the potential for what you really want in life.


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Thanks for your responds.....Things are getting difficult now a days...job securities are coming to zero level....thats why this thought came to mind...anyways....thanks and hope to hear more responds.

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job security is zero everywhere.
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You remind me of my own situation. 2 years ago, I was in a very comfortable position in Bangalore - great job, great pay and a canadian immigrant visa in hand. I took a risk in giving up all of it in the hope of something better.

Today, I am happy I made the move. This is not to encourage you one way or the other - you will have to assess your own situation. I wish you good luck, whatever you chose.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn´t do than by the ones you did do..." - Mark Twain.

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i´m just curious how much you can save in Dubai if you are making 5k a taxes? no rant?
of coarse Canada better place to live if you like cold weather and get retired at 67, if you will buy a house here your grand kids will be still paying for it.
Canada is better place for your kids if you will spend enough time with them( because you will be driving a taxi 20hours a day 7 days a week), aether wise they will became drug addicted. and they will call you dude.

Happy Not To be Canadian, but i love this country
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An average family has to spent 1.5 k in Dubai, The climate is quiet disturbing during summer (May-June-July-august) but the rest of the seasons are fine. I am lucky that i have to work only 8 hours a day, enough time for my family and friends. My point is, in a long run, this saftey won´t be there.Once you are terminated you have to cansel all your family members visa´s and if you cannot find another job in time you all have to go back to your hame country. That means you are again back to square one. Family, Kids, their education, fanancial crisis etc...I am trying to find a solution for this uncertanity which is out of my control.
CANADA IS OFFERING PR. which means i have a platform to sit and think around to find a way, but here if things didnt work out on time you become illeagal resident.
To be very frank, i dont wanted to drive a taxi car for 20 hours a day to support my family....But i can do that for an year or two for the betterment of my Family and the people around me.

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I was born and raised in Canada, and left in my early 20s. Canada is nice, I didn´t leave because it was a bad place, I left because I had a desire for a bit of adventure and to explore my heritage a bit (Europe).

12 years later, I´m married and have 2 wonderful kids, we live in Europe. Europe is great, definitely a nicer lifestyle than in North America, but despite that I´m going to move my family to Canada.

Over here I´ve been working for foreign companies and freelancing, living much better than I could have imagined in Canada, and I´m almost certain that our lifestyle will suffer once we move to Canada... but our long term security and my children´s life opportunities will benefit greatly from the move.

Canada is a place where you can have a peaceful life and some security. If you are coming from a dynamic environment like Dubai, your lifestyle *WILL* suffer, believe me, but you might gain peace of mind... it´s a trade-off.

If you still feel like you want to risk a little more and chase the money for a few years, put Canada on hold. However, if you are ready to build up for a stable future, it might be the right place for you.

PS: You can always leave if you decide you´re not happy, it´s much easier to leave Canada than to get in. :-)

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You have a nice life and income in Dubai. There is not gold on the streets of Canada. It can be a real tough go here. I am an accountant for businesses so I know. I have had dealing with Canada Immigration re spouse sponsorship. This 3rd generation born in Canada citizen will be leaving Canada, The people are nice. Weather is horrid. We are heavily regulated here and racism is on the upswing.About 10 percent of born in Canada citizens live out of country now.