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Subject: military service problem
  mandatory military service is 2 years in my country. I´ve served for 1 year and then i was sent to reserve because of a false medical diagnosis claiming that i have an incurable mental disease(in fact i DON´T have such an illness, any medical examination can confirm that. I just did it for relieving from military service). Can this circumstance be a problem when applying for visa or during any other process of becoming a citizen?
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so u lied to get out of military service. u could also lie to get become PR... fact is.... u are a lier...
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CIC weighs most on where the applicants do their military service because of the possibility of crimes against humanity or links to terrorist activities.

One would worry about the applicant´s possibility of holding a valid and subsisting passport until the time of landing as permanent resident of Canada because of a valid passport is a must.

An incurable mental disease could be an issue when undergoing am immigration medical examination.

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