Renewing Study Permit for the second time

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Subject: Renewing Study Permit for the second time

My name is Bijesh Nair. I came to study on a 1yr study permit but changed to a two year Post Grad IT prog. I renewed my study permit on on Aug 2011 for 1yr based on the new prog.

I finished my 1st yr in April 2011 with 73.8 Term GPA. I continued with my third semester in Sep 2011 but dropped out of the course before the Academic penalty deadline in Nov 2011.

I want to get get back to my studies from Sep 2012. I have already been accepted back to the program for my final year and have a letter of acceptance. I also have a letter of Acceptance to another one yr Post Grad IT prog.

Is it difficult to get the study permit renewed for the second time ?
Would they be checking what I did for the last year with the college ?

Someone suggested that I should just apply to get renewal stating that I want to study further and use the new one yr Prog LOA. But would they check with the college if I completed my last program ?

Please do suggest whats the best option as I am renewing my permit for the second time

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Bijesh Nair

Bijesh Nair
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