Will my Canadian GC be in danger? Help!

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Subject: Will my Canadian GC be in danger? Help!
  Hi, everyone,

Two weeks ago I went to landing from USA. Last week I went back from Canada to USA by using automatic revalidation (I am H1B holder in US). Even though I finally went through US custom and immigration service at Canadian airport, they treated me almost like a criminal. It is really bad experience.

However, the most terrible thing in my mind now is that they asked me why I still apply for US green card (I have a pending US green card application) given Canadian green card. I answered that I do that for more options. They were not satisfied. They said nobody can keep two green cards together. So they forced me to answer where I want to live, Canada or US. At that time, I felt that if I say Canada, they will treat my US green card application (I believe they have my records in computer) as an evidence of lie especially given that I submitted my US GC application after obtaining my Canadian GC. I also don´t want to withdraw my US green card application and don´t want to let them feel I was lying. (Actually at that time, I felt that if I said I want to live in Canada, they may deny my entry). So under this anxiety, I said I want to live in US in order to let myself pass the custom. However, after my answer, they became even angrier. They said I just use Canadian GC as a backup. [b]They said if they forward that answer of mine at that time to Canadian Border and Custom service, the Canadian agency could treat me as a liar since I don´t really want to live in Canada.[/b] This made me feel very sad. I am really afraid that they do that. Then the US officer even framed a situation to me. He asked if I have green cards from both countries, which green card (US or Canadian) I will abandon eventually. To avoid self contradiction, I finally answered them that I will abandon my Canadian GC eventually if I can get my US GC. I said if I had both, I would keep US one. Such answer of mine then seems to satisfy the US officer that my intention of US GC application is still real. Then finally he let me get through the US custom. Even though I passed the US custom, [b]I am afraid that they forwarded my answer to the Border and Custom service[/b]. If they do that, I will be liar to the Canadian government. Will my Canadian GC be in danger?

I noticed that recently US and canadian government had a new agreement on information sharing. See below.


Will they record my answer at that time? [b]will they really forward my answers to the Canadian agency and put me in danger?[/b] Please help me figure out this. Thank you very much!


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First, there is no "Green Card" in Canada. It is called "Permanent Resident card".

Second, CBP is technically right. Even if you become a green card holder in the US, you can´t maintain the residency requirements in both countries.

Now that being said, some CBP guys get ticked off with H1B holders that apply for their GC and just became a PRs of Canada. I think they feel that you are wasting their time. There are people in the Que waiting to be processed and someone obtains a GC or a PR card with the intention of leaving one of the two countries,hmmm they don´t like it.

The thing is that as H1B holder they can cancel your visa and refuse your entry if they really push it. Same as in Canada, the CBP officer´s decision is final.

About re-entering Canada. CBSA will allow your entry, as simple as that. As a PR you have the right to enter Canada. The officer will ask you four basic questions (assuming is a standard inspection):

1- Where are you coming from? (last country you visited)
2- What were you doing there? (To determine customs)
3- How long were you down there for? (to determine residency requirements and customs fees if applicable)
4- Do you have anything to declare any goods you purchased?(Customs question)

While answering the questions, the officer will be scanning your passport and PR card and after that, don´t be surprised if the officer doesn´t even stamp your passport and you are done!, go and pick up your suitcase and carry on with life.

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Could you please tell me if CBP will notify CBSA of my answers especially my answers on US GC over Canadian PR to endanger my Canadian PR? Is that possible? Thank you very much!
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No they won´t. Even if they do, so what? You still have the right to enter Canada.

Those kind of things affect your entry in the US not into Canada.

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Choose one country of residence.

"Nobody can keep two green cards together."

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For more info:

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