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Subject: Spouse sponsor outside of Canada

I´m a British citizen who lives with my Canadian citizen husband and our two children in the UK. My husband is a Canadian citizen but has dual nationality with Israel. We want to move back to Canada to live but are really unsure of what applies to us in the whole sponsorship/immigration area.

We would all move back together at the same time. Do we need a certain amount of money before moving as we don´t have an address or any employment yet in Canada. Also if I applied for adnd received a PR visa before returning to Canada would I be able to work straight away? Thanks. I´ve found it difficult to find the right information online.


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Your best option will be get sponsored by your husband. As long as your husband is a Canadian citizen he does not need to a proof of income. Once you get your PR. Then after move back to Canada together.

As I am a Canadian regulated immigration counsel, I will be happy to assist you for your need.Please feel free to call me on +1604 889 1950 or email me for further advise.

Thank you.

Aaron Charya, RCIC

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604 889 1950

Aaron Charya
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please download all the pertinent forms and DO IT YOURSELF; spousal sponsorship is quite straightforward and there is no need to retain any legal, unless you have a ton of cash to waste.
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Believe happy, I wish someone had told me that, I paid an immigration consultant and all he did was fold his arms whiles he told me what to do, and all he did was put the papers in order, which my child could of done, and he got $$$ for nothing that i regret BIG time!!
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All the information you need is here:


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I was going through the information provided on CICбжs website and I have a few questions.

1) According to the Sponsorship Guide provided on the CIC website:
If you are a Canadian citizen, you may sponsor a spouse, a common-law partner or conjugal partner, or a dependent child who has no children of his or her own. However, you must demonstrate that you will live in Canada when the sponsored person becomes a permanent resident.

Note: Permanent residents residing abroad may not sponsor from outside of Canada. Canadian citizens travelling as tourists are not considered to be residing abroad.

QUESTION: Does this mean if I am a Canadian Citizen and a Permanent Resident who is currently residing and employing outside of Canada, I do not need to be employing or living in Canada during the application process since I am a "Canadian citizen"?

But how can I demonstrate I will live in Canada when my sponsored person becomes a permanent resident?

2) According to the CIC website:
In order to sponsor, you mustбK
prove that you have sufficient income to provide basic requirements for your spouse or common-law partnerбжs dependent children. To do this, you must provide documents showing your financial resources for the past 12 months. This requirement applies only when dependent children who have dependent children of their own are included on the application.

QUESTION: If neither my spouse or I have any dependent children, is there still a minimum necessary income requirement which the sponsor would have to meet?

Thank you!

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