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Subject: No I am not getting anything deducted
  I am not contributing with any RRSPS ( well I started this year), but for the last years I have rarely contributed. I was not too sure If I was staying in Canada or not( this is why I decided not to contribute). Anyways, the world situation does not look a whole lot better anywhere else. At least I have a decent job here. Considering what I could be doing or even working in my own profession in Italy that does not guarantee any decent pay these days.
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And you are telling us this because???
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you are paying tax in installments instead of monthly - so why exactly are you complaining? do you feel special or something?

Everyone pays taxes - even me. so stop it already.

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Whats up buddy! You were saying that you were leaving Canada but you seem pretty settled there. Why were you spreading panic before? Or your intention was to scare "capable" potential immigrants? I know there are certain class of economic immigrants who just want to go to Canada in any cost. But there are other group of people who are better in their profession and can get opportunity in any part of world. The latter group definitely turn their head from the places which people portray as difficult destination. Though the number of people entering Canada roughly remains same, but its the quality of people which is directly affected by such type of propaganda.

I don´t know the previous post from you were resulted from your utter dissatisfaction due to the situation you went through or just the negative propaganda about Canada. If the latter is not the case, I have nothing to say in against and I am happy with your progress there.

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Well. I just figured out that if I do not contribute the thief government takes it anyway. So I guess that this is another trick pulled by the government to get you trapped in the system.
Second, I do stand by what I think of Canada for the majority of immigrants. My case was very particular because I ran into some smart canadians that showed me the ropes for certain jobs. If I had been the average new comer that goes to MOSAIC to acquire a new trade I would be owing by now thousands of dollars for my re-education.
I transfered my skills and though I work in a job that does not have anything to do with my background, at least was one of the best choice I could find.
I could not care less of having an influence on people that immigrate to Canada without having enough information.
I have worked myself in few parts of the globe and as we speak a potential job offer may come from Italy within the next few months.

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Funny ego projection of yours by asking if I feel special.Look at your own postings. You must be a bipolar woman. Sometimes you come accross as a friendly person and some others you respond as the stereotypical cranky bitter Vancouvervite. I can tell it´s been raining.
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I am working for 10 years in a job that has nothing to do with the previous job I had - what is your point? If you don´t remit your taxes monthly - you remit them quarterly. I really do not understand what you are bitching about? Do you think you are so special that you don´t need to pay taxes but you want your free medical?

Bipolar? No, just amused at your pity party.

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Knowing that I am not the only one that changed jobs makes me feel better.
I get my taxes deducted monthly( in the past years I had not made any RRSP´s contributions). When I filed taxes for 2010 they made me pay approx 1200 dollars. They recently made another "reassessment" from 2010 so I owe them another 700 dollars. They have been pulling this shit with me for the last several years. I always declare all my sources of income in the annual filing. Why can´t they do a good job from the very begining? Those seldom "reassesments" seem to be like: we are running out of money so we need to take more from the medium class. I am already poor enough. I call this legal theft.

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re-assessment is not theft - it is likely the rejection of your deductions. If your various sources of income are not factored together, you are likely not remitting sufficiently each month. The more you earn the higher the rate of tax.

If you think CIC has made an error - appeal. If the error is your misapplication of deductions or a light remittance - that is your math problem - not theirs.

Reminds me - time to file my tax return!

On the job front - my second career has been a surprise and far more enjoyable than my first.

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I do know exactly what you mean, but there was no mistake on my side. I have some friends working for RCA and they all have told me that at times they hire students. These inexperienced people make mistakes and RCA has been able to get away with it for years. Also if you complain too much they flag you and make more reassessments to get money out of you. Don´t we live in a lovely democracy?
I wished I were more naive or stupid, I would be happier that way.

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