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Subject: Protected Person Sponsoring Spouse
  I know a couple who are getting married soon. The wife is a refugee claimant who won her case based on lies, and the soon to be husband is a current refugee claimant. They have one young child together. shes on social assistance and plans to get off of it so she can sponsor said husband. Should she not of added him to her refugee claim instead? He was in Canada the whole time and they were together. The husband just recently filed a refugee claim. I am all for bringing families together. It just really gets me upset when I see people taking advantage of the system like this.

I was born in Canada and am a 5th generation Canadian. There are way to many people who immigrate to Canada on a false pretense. Something must be done to stop this.

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Speak to your M.P now!
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There are thousands of such cases. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell who is lying...too much resources will be wasted...

My suggestion => stop this practice immediately unless we have to resources to do it. Reasons :-
(1) We have a budget deficit
(2) Until all of our current citizen (especially those native) are out of poverty
(3) healthcare is able to cope with the increase in population
(4) infrastructure e.g road, train, public transport is able to cope with the increase in population
(5) $$ will be saved and diverted to other needy Canadian

I don´t see why we have to be the only country doing this whereas others developed countries don´t.
Most of the refugees once accepted, will not be grateful... They will continue to demand more subsidy from the govt...

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Yup lets throw the Baby out with the bath water.

Canada has plenty of space. Canada paid off its national debt with Immigration Processing fees. To get a vacation hearing going takes years and clearly not worth it.

What you think you know and what others can prove is totally different beyond belief.

Sooner or later a person that lies will get caught. Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.

Just look at Dragon´s Den one of those multi millionaire panel member is a former convention refugee. He went back to his country even though he was not supposed to.

LICENCE TO TRAVEL (in reply to: Protected Person Sponsoring Spouse)
All the refugees who became Canadian citizens can go back to their countries of origin for a visit, yes, they can.

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I am a refugee, hold a masters, was on social assistance for two months until I got my work permit. Got myself a job with a grocery store, now I work with social services. to those morons who think that all refugees do is ask for handouts, checkout the lineup at the alberta employment immigration. it´s filled with canadian single moms and drug using homeless men and women.
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