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Subject: Catholic Education
I talked to my boss, he says my kids can go to Catholic school.

How do I get information to these schools?

Are these schools open to all immigrants?

Why was this not explained when I came to Canada?

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"How do I get information to these schools?"
Pick up a phonebook in the area where live, do a search, pick up the phone and make a phone call.

"Are these schools open to all immigrants?"

"Why was this not explained when I came to Canada?"

Because that is your problem. You are responsable for researching the best options for your family. With todays technology, i.e internet or as simple as a phone book, it is rare that someone can´t find something as basic as a school in their district.

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Sorry I know how to use internet. I was not aware that Catholic school is for everyone. Where I am from there is nothing like this. Many places these schools are private and need scholarship.
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Catholic Schools are privately run. All you need in order to attend is money.
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wrong all you need is to have your children baptize to prove that you are catholic and present to documents...well in ontario that is.
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Go to Toronto catholic school board at Yonge and Sheppard after phoning in for an appointment.


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In the province of Ontario Catholic schools are still publicly funded. They don´t cost anything to attend. This is because of legal protection that was put in place back with Catholics were predominately French and or Irish and a large minority. In Ontario Catholic schools are run by separate school boards. Each school board sets it´s own policy for admissions. They are allowed to deny entrance to non-Catholic students. Some school boards require proof that the child or one of its parents is a baptized Catholic, other school boards, particularly in areas with many newcomers or decreasing populations will accept any student whether they are Catholic or not. I believe the parents have to change their municiple taxes to have them go toward the Catholic school board instead of the public school board (both are publicly funded, its a bit of a misnomer). You´ll need to research the policy of the board in your area, maybe by now you already have. Some Catholic schools are very popular with Muslims because they teach less sex education and more homophobia but sex ed is now part of the common curriculum and Dalton McGuinty is currently passing legislation to ensure that Catholic schools address homophobic bullying.

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