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Subject: adaptability
  Do you or, if applicable, your accompanying spouse or common-law partner, have a relative living in Canada who is a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada?

Please advise, my spouse´s sister keeps requesting for documents from my spouse, she asked for the PR card which was sent, she asked for our bills, which was also sent and the next thing she demanded for is our marriage certificate and my spouse´s birth certificate which my spouse was apprehensive to release and it is causing disaffection between them.

Moreover, they are using consultant to process their immigration, which heighten my spouse fear and make her uneasy to release those documents.

do anybody have experience concerning adaptability with Canadian immigration?

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The information you have been asked to provide is the normal kind of proof that is requested by CIC to prove adaptability points.

The bills prove that you are actually living in Canada. The birth certificate proves that you are related.

Again, there´s nothing unusual about the information being requested. This is the information your spouse´s sister must provide if she wants to be credited with the adaptability points.

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