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Subject: Urgently Need Help regarding TRV business sponsor
  Hi guys I need urgently help cause I just got refuse TRV from CHC Islamabad .the regulations for the reasons explain below, (1) You have not satisfied me that you would leave canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident in reaching this decision, I considered several factors including:
(2) Your travel History (3) Purpose of visit (4) that you have a legitimate business purpose in canada.

my back ground is am doing successful business in pakistan from the last 10years and am planning to lauch new product from canada and canadian company send me suponsor letter aswel am divorced and planning to get married please help me cause either i need to contact my canadian company to hire lawyer for me or do i need to apply again plz plz help me,also about my travel history I visit europe three to four time and also I visit england three to four time for business. Plz help me ASAP thanks

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are you planning to visit so you can get married in Canada?

if so, that is why you are refused. They don´t think you will go home.

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