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Subject: A departure order? RE: 1392
  Nope, 1392 is not a removal order.

Your right 1392 is a Declaration by me that I have been Issued a Removal Order. The last 5292 (I have 3)is my Departure Order It has the same # as the Removal Order referred to on the 1392
Departure Order reads in part: "subsection 41(B) Subsection 41(B) in that, on a balance of Probabilities, that are groundes to believe is a permadent resident who is inadmissible for failing to comply with the residency obligation of section 28 of the act.
This orde will be deemed to be a Deportation Order where no certificate of departure is issued within the applicable period specified in the immigration regulations

John M
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Yes, the 1392 is just a declaration. The 5292 is just a PR confirmation and the 8 digits you are refering to is your customer ID number. 1234-5678

My impression is that this time when you were given the 1392 you mentioned that you haven´t lived in Canada for ages and CBSA along with CIC is coming after your PR status.

The officer will write a A28 report which basically tells you that your PR has been revoked.

You should look into signing an IMM 1342B (look into it) and contact the Canadian Embassy when you apply for a TRP (You are in the US but I am not sure if you are a US citizen or not).

I don´t know if you have enough grounds to appeal and being able to keep your status or if you even want to do so.
Either way, if there is nothing more, next time you come back to Canada you will be subject to a regular inspection.

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The 1392 was brought to me to sign as I was boarding I never saw it till then.
The # I´m referring to is the Document # V123456789
No I don´t want to keep my status just want to be able to visit. Yes I´m in the US. will look for the IMM 1342B form.
Thanks for the help.

John M
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