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Subject: Query about sponsor's taxes
  Hi, Ive been trying everywhere to find this out with not much luck.

I am living in England (and am English) with my husband who is Canadian. He is over here on a 2 year working holiday visa and we got married earlier this year here. He is applying to sponsor me so we can go live out in Canada.

He has been out here for a year and a half but the sponsorship form wnats an "original printout C from the Canada Revenue Agency for the LAST TAXABLE YEAR" - as he has been in England, does he have to provide an English alternative? and if not, would he have to provide the canadian printout for the last time he was out in Canada (he left for England in May 2010), or for this last year even though he was in England?

Any answers would be gratefully appreciated - the canadian immigration office in London has not gotten back to us after 2 months of trying and we are getting desperate!! Thanks

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