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Subject: Work Permit - No Spouse or Kids
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It is terrible that Jason Kenny wants to attract greatly needed labour but does not allow their families in while they are working in Canada.

Employer specific work permits for any employee from a country that requires a visitor visa will never get their spouse or kids into Canada while they are working here. Some come on a two year employer specific work permit! Two years.

Recently a company in Calgary called me and complained about a Legal Counsel who had made a mess of their employees status. They were trying to renew his work permit with a new LMO and included his spouse and children. The spouse and children were refused!

What most do not understand is that the Canadian Experience Class assess Language based on the persons occupation so in most cases it is far better to go the CEC route than the PNP route.

Now in British Columbia there is finally some common sense with a Pilot Project to attract more workers they are allowing their families in.


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Do you make decent money as an immigration consultant? I am considering to become one. Why not? I can braiwash people nicely.
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Vitorelli, the only person you brainwash is yourself.
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Last night on the way home a guy on a work permit in Saskatchewan with a SK PNP certificate called regarding getting an ARC for his wife.

The call centre told him to have his wife apply for a TRV (Visitor Visa)and if she is approved they will ask for her to submit a request for an ARC.

There is no way a person who has been deported will be allowed back into Canada with an ARC to visit her husband.


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