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Subject: declaring past Removal order

D. Are you now, or have been under a removal or have been ask by canadian officials to leave canada?

should i answer yes or no

i was given a date to leave Canada after a failed refugee claim and left i was given the minister consent to return/ ARC to return a as permanent residence now i am apply for citizen and am not sure if my previous removal will affect my application.

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"You must leave Canada now or enforcement action will be taken against you."

A quote that normally accompanies a refused application does not put anyone under a removal order or give a date to leave. However, the very question D in the citizenship application incorporates this aspect of immigration process, that is, any refused application.

Of course, someone should say YEA because of a refugee claim, a date to leave and an ARC.

How much it will affect, no information.

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Say yes and include a detailed letter explaining what happened.
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Anonymous **232.244.253

R U on drugs?

The poster claimed he/she had to obtain an (ARC) authorization to return. Now if their removal order was an exclusion order he/she would have to be returning within the year to need an ARC. Otherwise it was a deportation order.

He/She has to inform them that he/she was ordered removed and subject of a previous removal order.

Common sense!


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Removal order

Exclusion order

Departure order

Deportation order

Subject of removal

A voluntary removal order

Removal order in force

Removal ready

Removal order stayed

´Tis most unhealthy enterprise, indeed!

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