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Subject: PR VISA OF 2004

Any one can give me information about canada PR in 2004 files.that I got my file no. in 2004 for PR visa, still I didn´t get any information from CHC NewDelhi.Further how much time will take for medical paper?we are waiting for medical since 7 years. CHC will intrested to give PR those who got file no. on 2004 ? If Yes than why they should not give and if no why they should collect fees with applicants.

And in site saw that file in process last seven years

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did you get a letter in the last 2 years asking if you wanted to withdraw your application with a full refund? Most applicants did.

You are caught in a change of rules scenario. If you want to get things happening faster, you have to start over and re-qualify. If you don´t qualify under the new rules, your only hope is to remain in the slow line and hopefully get your turn.

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yes, Dear Sharon,
I got letter in oct´ 2008 and I had already submitted all documents which are require CHC.My ques. is when CHC will open to continu process of 2004 applicants.Why they should stop process of old files and continue new files very fast.

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That letter told you the rules were changing and you could get a refund, correct? So, you decided not to do so - therefore you have absolutely nothing to complain about.

The system you filed under was not working - people were coming to Canada and could not find work. So, they changed the rules and gave you an option that if you still wanted to wait - that was fine by them but there was no guarantee when they would process your file.

Do you qualify under the new rules? If so, I would suggest you re-apply.

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