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Subject: Passport for visa
Nag past po ako ng passport kasi request for pass port na po ako na-padala ko po ito last May 26 dito sa canada to LA consulate till now wala pa po yung passport ko bakit po kaya natagalan?tnx
Jet Bambo
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If you want some help regarding Canadian Immigration, try in English or French. Those two are the official languages in Canada. You might get more responses.

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I got canada pr visa in my passport which is going to expire on 17th sept 2011 same as my pr visa.Same day because that day comes before the 1 yr expiry date from my medical done.I can´t fly with this passport becoz its less than 6 months valid.If i renew my indian passport then PR visa in my old passport will be invalid or still stays valid.Please help me out n reply email in this address

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