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Subject: Spousal Sponsorship & TRV

My Husband is a PR holder and lives in Ottawa, I applied for TRV last month from my country of residence -Abu Dhabi- but it got rejected in 6-6-2011. Before that, I filled all the sponsorship forms and sent it to my husband. My husband sent the application to Mississauga but it got stuck in the post office due to the strike. The application was finally recieved in 29th June 2011. Do I have to update my application, because one of the questions is if they refused my TRV and the reasons?


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Come on you know you wanted the best of both worlds. You got greedy.

You wanted to be sponsored to reside permanently and you wanted to spend the processing time with your husband under the same roof and wake up with him in the same bed every morning until you get Landed!

So your reason for a CVV was??? Yes come on!

Now you imply the mail strike lasted a real long time. It was only a few days and I remember how much more it cost me to send applications via couriers.

You need to read the bullets at the end of any schedule one then you decide because it will be the same visa post that will be dealing with your spousal once your partner is approved. You need to wait until you get the kit number.


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Thanks for the reply.

I want to stay with him only 3 weeks since I have jobs her in Abu Dhabi and i rented a house for one year and wait Abu Dhabi office to process my application. I collected all the papers and the medical test before June. I also sent the application to Canada before I applied for visit visa!

Am asking now how can I change the form before they start processing "I want to mention that I applied for a visa and it got refused".

I called the embassy in Abu Dhabi today they said you have to send email and tomorrow my husband will call the calling center to ask but hopefully they answer.

In CIC website it was clearly mentioned that sponsorship process and TRV are DIFFERENT applications and we can apply to both of them at the same time!

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Wait until husband is aproved as a sponosr. Then CIC sends him a letter and your application on to your Visa Post.

At that time in your husbands letter they give you a KIT # until they create a file for you. Once you get the Kit # and not until contact the Visa Post.

Call centre could care less.


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I´m going to sponsor my wife who is abroad in Singapore (I´m a citizen).
She tried to get a TRV but they refused to even accept her application and told her she must apply for sponsorship first.
So, what are the chances of getting a TRV once the sponsorship docs are submitted to the CIC?
Also, how long would she be able to stay in Canada as a visitor? 2-3 weeks seems like a reasonable vacation, but would the visa office approve 2 months?

...trying to figure out a way not to have to spend a year apart :)
Many thanks!

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buy a webcam and use skype or you buy the plane ticket and visit her in Singapore.

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I know someone who was in the same situation as you. After submitting his sponsorship application; first attempt to get his wife over on a TRV failed, but on the second attempt it went through. Not impossible.

Good Luck!

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Hello there, some people are really blunt here but thats good people have the right to hear the "not so good" truth...
I gotta ask Roy this question- hopefully others can chip in..I am married to a canadian and I have 2 kids with her they live in Canada and I got married when I was finishing university there (while on student visa). I had ample time to apply for inland Canada PR but I did not. I have recently applied for a TRV to visit the family for 3 weeks. I have a stable job here been working at my current job for the last 2.5 years. Before Student Visa(which had 5 years validity) I have been given Two 3 Month long TRVs. I have applied for a multiple one this time we don´t have plans to apply for sponsorship as I don´t want to move to Canada. So just wondering do you guys think I can get this multiple visa?

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