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Subject: Shortened Timeline for Parent Sponsorship
  I think the main reason why the timeline for parent sponsorship is long is because of cost of medical care for elderly. If the children is willing to take care of the medical cost for their parent, then CIC should expedite their application.
I know it is unfair to expect canadian taxpayer to subsidize medical cost for elderly who is unlikely to contribute to canada economy.
By the way, I am a PR who do not mind paying for my mother´s medical if CIC could expedite her application. I did not expect the application could take sooo long when I applied for PR. I´ve a good job and is now ´forced´ to give it up so as to return to my home country to take care of her.
She is healthy right now but I just cannot accept the fact that she is living alone after what she had gone through......
I am a Chinese and filial piety is a big thing to us..

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5 years!
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There is no way the government of Canada can force you to pay. You file bankruptcy, you leave the country, you give them what you have and you are still $200,000 short - then what? Putting up a bond would never fly politically.

I am a Canadian who has medical care for my mother but it is not nearly enough. I have to now negotiate with my employer for reduced hours or the ability to work from home... or quit my job so I can take care of her. My alternative - spend outrageous amounts of money for a private nurse to come to my home while I am at work.

How is that any different than your situation. We have paid taxes in Canada all our life and there is still insufficient money and staff in the medical system to help me make sure my Mom is healthy and safe.

I am sorry it is taking so long for your Mom to get here and I am sorry that you are now ´forced´ to give up your good job to fulfill your standard of family responsibilities. Join the club.

Do you have siblings back home that can help?
If you have the kind of money you are talking about to cover her medical expenses - why not pay for care back home?

When we make huge life decisions like immigration, the inevitable challenge of family responsibilities should be factored in to the plan. Family sponsorship is not a constitutional guarantee so people need to think well about how the future would unfold if parents are unable to join their children in Canada.

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Dear Sharon,

I came to canadad at the age of 28. I didn´t spend any tax payers money from Canada to go to school while when you born tax payers paid for your childhood care until you were 18. I started working a few days after I arrived to Canada and like a machine started paying tax. I work as an Engineer. It cost taxpayers hundred thousans for a Canadian born to finish his/her school then university while it doesn´t cost any thing for tax payer to have a skilled experiance immigrat in Canada. I brought CD $60,000 with myself and my parents will bring more than CD$300,000 with themselves.
They will spend $2000.00 per month from their income from back home which 13% of it will go for tax in Ontario. Don´t forget this money will come from outside country to Canada. They will get nothing exept free health care.
I think you are not aware if any serious illness such as Cancer, heart surgery or...... is required so many immigrats go back home for threatment because canadian health system does not care enough of them.

While no tax payer paid any tning for me I am paying tax for your elderly parents which is fair and I have no complaint about that.
My question is if I pay the same tax and I am happy to be spended for your parents while your parents are not paying any more tax after the age of 65 why you want to keep our old parents apart from us.
When I and my sister came to Canada process time was 3 years in total to sponsor our parents. We were ok to stay away from them for three years but now we applied to sponsor them it is more than 6 years. If we knew that we were not comming to Canada. We don´t know what to do. We can´t leave our parents back home because they have no more children there. My sister can´t go back because her kids cannot write or read persian and they have suffered too much already when they came to Canada we don´t want them to suffer again by going back. I can´t go back to Iran because I sponsored my parents and I have to show income until my parents become landed immigrant.

We came to Canada because we were thinking we would have a better life. We didn´t know we are making too much trouble for ourselves.

Please be reasonable and try to look at our parents the same way you are looking at your parents.
I am happy to pay tax for your parents threatment while I have never used any tax payer from Canada in my childhood.



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They get nothing but free health care? No, they get roads to drive on, police protection, fire protection, clean water, community centres to go to and yes - free healthcare.

While you are paying for your parent´s health care, who is paying for yours?

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What free medical? When I checked, it cost about $100/month for medicare. Private insurance for a senior with no medical conditions is about the same $80/month.

Besides, Canada´s health care system only works for the young, who have time to wait.

When these individuals come, they´re not eating away at Canada pension, and in many cases, they end up taking care of the kids... allowing the kids to work more and become more efficient and happy taxpayers.

To say that parents don´t add anything is a little specious. Many times, they will be bringing cash into the country and allowing their kids to make and spend more money inside the country, rather than outside of it.

We Canadians get all ornery about our 2nd-rate medical system and it seems the government likes to tout how expensive it is. The silly part of all this is that even bringing in parents from highly developed countries takes the same amount of time.


Moo Latte
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Currently my parents are on visitor visa here and I took insurance for them. Recenlty my mother complained of breathing problem due to heaveyness in her chest. I took her to the hospital and explained to the doctor that all her tests for heart have already been done few months back and are ok and that she has hyper acidity and gastric problem. Inspite of that they went ahead with all the tests for heart and found that heart is fine. They charged 800 dollars and did not prescribe any medicine for her real problem. Just two days after my mother had the same problem again and I took her to the same hospital. The doctor started performing the same tests again inspite of knowing the results from the last tests. But at least this time, the doctor prescribed her the medicine based on the prescriptions from her heart specialist who had treated her back home. I ended up paying 1500 dollars for nothing. I am just trying to make a point here that the real issue is not about making available the free health care system of canada to sponsored parents but rather the inefficient health care system of canada which is costing everyone equally. After this incident, I decided to have my parents treated back home which is not only cheaper but better as well.
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Dear Sharon,

My parents will pay taxes buy spending money nearly CD$2000.00 per month. They will pay property tax for their home.

It will be around CD$6000.00 per year.

I don´t want to argue with you. If we knew this change would happed to immigration we would not come to Canada to be in big trouble. Now it is too late we can´t go back because of our kids.

Maybe you don´t know how paintful is for parents to keep them away from their children and grandchildren.

If you don´t understand how deep is our problem I can´t make you undrestand. Just remember you and I are paying taxes then your parents can be threated in hospital.

I hope your parents will be treated well and they will get better soon. it is good to see you care about your parents.

Best Regards,


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$6,000 in property taxes? do they own a 2 million dollar house in Vancouver? Property taxes do not pay for hospitals. It pays for buses, schools, water, roads etc. I am assuming they use most of those services.

Sales tax on $2,000 is $240. That probably buys 1 day in hospital with no medical treatment.

Nobody is suggesting that your parents cannot come to Canada. Just not as fast as you would like it to be.

I understand your problem very well.

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They are planing to buy a house CD $480.00.

They sold their cottage and they are planing to sale their apartment.

Property tax will be $3,400.00 Per year.

As you said $240.00 Per month for sale tax which will be $2,880.00 Per year.

3,400.00 + 2,880.00 = $6280.00

Our parents are old. They don´t have time to wait 8 or 9 years. They are healty right now but 8 years later I am not sure they will be healthy. When ever I talk to my mom she is crying because they are alone there. We don´t want to use health care system which its quality is poor as you mentioned above. I could take them to the best private hospital and see the best doctors in their home land. My parents have govenment insurace which will pay %90 of their expences.

I want them to be with their grandchildren while they are almost at the last decade of their life.

They don´t come here healthcare or some thing else.They come here just because their children are here.
I don´t want they suffer because I made a mistake to leave them. I didn´t know immigration policy would be changed.

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$3,400 is not $6,000 and as you say- they are selling the property.

All the health insurance in the world does not change 1 fundamental problem - there are not enough hospital beds, doctors or nurses, regardless of how much money you have to spend.

As you say, their homeland is pretty good. So why do you not make a twice a year visit so your children will know their grandparents.

Immigration policy has not changed - how many people applying has changed so the wait is longer. very simple. 20 applicants, 10 approved in year one. year 2 - 20 applicants, 10 approved with 20 still waiting.

simple math.

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I don´t want keep talking and you respond me something else. I think you underestand what I say. You just pertend you don´t understand me.

again whlie all of us are here we can´t leave our parents alone.

The main reason is not increasing number of applicants.
Target for parents sponsorship is reduced from 18,000 Per year in 2006 to 15,000 in 2008 and then it is reduced to to 11,200 in 2011.

Total immigrants are 250.000 included investors who are millionairs, skilled workers Mostly university gratuate, skilled people whoes their job is in demand in Canada such as plumbers or electrician ( they must be educated ) and also refugees.

Majority of them except refugees start paying taxes short time after arriving to Canada. It usually takes a few years for some of refugees to start working.

Parents are just %4.48 of total immigrants.

A huge percentage of them after having citizenship will go back. They want to have citizenship to be able to come to Canada with out visitor visa. These group have children and relatives in back home. Having visitor visa takes times.

Just a small percentages of them such as my parents willing to stay because both of their children are in Canada.

Maybe I can´t explain good enough

Please accept my appology.
If my explanation is not clear