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Some applications are being returned 3 1/2 months after they were submitted because the CAP has now been reached. Seems strange, but......

The CIO Office does not start counting when the application was received by post or courier at the CIO.

Until the application is checked for completeness, it cannot be confirmed as being received. Once it has been determined that the submission is complete, it is counted in the cap and the information is updated electronically. Due to high volumes of submissions, there is a lag between confirmation of receipt of a complete application and the electronic update of the cap count.

One application was received on December 20th 2010 and not returned until assessed on April 11th 2011.

This is something all of you (DIY) do it yourselves, don´t worry the cap has not been reached applicants should be concerned about.


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Does this mean that applications sent in by consultants are opened at a quicker rate than those that are DIY applications - I am just curious
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It means that neither should start counting on the day the mail man or Fed Ex delivered the application as the day they recorded same. If you sumit the application and after 4 months it appears that your CAP has not been reached and the application has not been returned for being not complete you can finally stop holding your breath.


Don´t think all is okay until you know it is okay.


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It makes sense but you would think they would explain this on the website.

´An application is not an application until it proves to be a complete application.´ Stops people from sending in half baked documents simply to secure a place in line. Good news for all the legit folks that do things properly in the first place.

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