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Subject: return 2 canada aftr signing 'voluntary departure'
I was in Canada on a work permit. I had a job offer and applied for a new work permit. I was unsuccessful in doing so and had to leave. I found out I was unsuccessful only weeks before my temporary visa was going to expire. I went down to the border to try and extend my stay in Canada with a few months so that I could sort out things from Canada (sell my car, belongings, help my boyfriend with arranging coming home with me etc.). The lady at the border however did not believe I showed enough ties to my native country and gave me 10 days to leave. She kept my passport and I had to sign a voluntary departure form. They told me if I´d leave in time, which I did, there would be no long term effects.
I am currently in my home country and have lined up a job, an apartment etc. but would like to now go back to Canada for two months to sell off what I was unable to sell in 10 days, help m boyfriend arrange his stuff to come home with me and to travel for a couple of weeks with my brother.
I am afraid they will not allow me back into Canada even if I am able to show them proof of employment, living arrangements, funds etc.
Is there any reason they might deny me entry? I would be returning to Canada after about two weeks of leaving but like I said, have made my arrangements in my home country and have sufficient proof.


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This is the deal.

Technically, there is nothing that can prevent your entry into Canada and yes.. technically you can return at any time.

It is very likely that you will be refused of entry. The main reason is that you have no enough ties to your home country and two weeks is not enough time to actually develop strong ties that will convince the officer that you are indeed going to leave Canada at the end of your visit.

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Sorry, I typed that I would have been in my home country for two weeks. This should have been two months.
Does this change anything?

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Here is the best solution: you are lucky to have a bf, who I am sure benefited from your company. Now you must ask him to sell your stuff for you and send the money to you! A very simple and elegant solution. Since you lined up job and living arrangements in your country, please feel dignified that your country has some opportunity for you and learn to respect the place. I hope you are not sourly missing the cold and misery of Canada!
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My boyfriend and I are in a committed relationship so he did not just ´benefit´ from my company. The solution you provide might be simple and elegant to you but when he has loads to arrange because he is trying to sort out visas to come my way, the least I can do is go back and sort out my own stuff.
As far as ´respecting´ my own place goes, there is no doubt I respect what I have here and what my country has to offer. That does not however mean that is my best option. Life is not about opportunities in ones home country. It is about finding life, finding love and doing the best you can to make things work. Making things work for me right now is to start my job, go back to help my partner arrange his stuff from there and then come back to start a life here, hopefully together.
Please refrain from commenting in a degrading and useless manner from now on.

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Don´t bother explaning to "adviser" what your thoughts are.

You can never teach a pig how to sing, it is a waste of time and annoys the pig.

It doesn´t matter if you go back for two days, two weeks or two months. There is nothing in the Customs and Immigration law that prevents you from coming back/

The key is that you have to stablish SOLID ties to your home country and that you have no intentions to stay permanently in Canada if you were allowed to enter.

The problem is that the whole scenario, the way you are putting it, doesn´t help. Everything points out that you want to enter and stay. It appears that you have more ties to Canada than to your home country. You don´t appear to be a genuine visitor.

What you want to do is not what visitors normally do. Keep that in mind.

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