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Subject: Common Law Marriage
  I am an American citizen & my boyfriend is a Canadian citizen. We intend to apply for a family visa (through common law). We will qualify as common law partners in August (12 months living together). We resided together in the US since last August, will travel from April until June and will move to Canada and live together from June until August. I have a one year SWAP visa allowing me to stay in Canada from June 2011 through June 2012. Will our visa be processed before my other one expires? Upon looking at the government´s website, it takes 8-9 months to process a sponsor´s application from within Canada & 41 days if applying from the US. Why is this? Any recent experiences with this situation?
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Your time lines aren´t quite right.

Inland (within Canada) is:
1) 8-9 months for first stage
2) officially 9 months for second stage (but can take longer or shorter)

Outland is:
1) 41 days for first stage processing
2) officially 80% of Buffalo applications are processed within 11 months (which means that most applications take 11 months or less and some take more)

My husband´s outland application was processed in 4 months (first and second stage total). You can apply outland even if you´re in Canada. I would very strongly recommend that you do so since outland processing times are typically much shorter for Americans.

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