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Subject: In Canada Sponsorship refugee claimant
  Hello, my husband is a refugee claimant with an upcoming hearing Jan 31, 2011. We married Nov 7, 2009 and have been together since Oct 2008. He is from a Caribbean country and I have heard there are no real refugees from the Caribbean.

Nevertheless,my husband does face a real threat to his life if he is sent home. He is a victim of crime and was stabbed and perservered death threats and harassment before takin flight to come to Canada to stay with family. The is no in land flight alternative he is from the small Island of St. Lucia. We have been advised by an immigration lawyer that his claim will most likely be rejected. Pending his rejection as his wife and the mother of his child, I opted to send in a spousal sponsorship. The spousal sponsorship was sent in Nov 2010. This siutation has caused me much anxiety and stress as I suffer from mental illness I am on medication and expected to be for life. I need the support of my husband emotionally and financially as well as for the upbringing of our daughter. He works to provide for us, I do recieve disability funds but he is the main provider.

My question is considering in all likelihood my husbands claim is rejected, and my spousal sponsorship is in process. Can Immigration deport my husband? and if not what steps do I need to take to make sure my husband stays in Canada?

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So much of a tear jerking story get real. Cut the extra stuff. Compassion is common sense and you have to show that it is common sense to show your husband compassion.

No one should tell him to witdraw his refugee claim even if he is approved stage 1 as an In Canada Spousal Application. Read the manuals!

Depending on his personal circumstances and his reasons for seeking refugee protection he has almost a 50 - 50 chance of success.

Now the issue comes when did he make his refugee claim?? How many years after his arrival did he make his claim??

The lenght of time in making a claim will clearly affect and chances of a positive result regardless of the reason for making the claim.

If Tom, Dick or Harry got stabbed in Toronto the chances of them being accepted as refugee claimants in Sweden is so close to nil and the same here. He is fleeing crime!

At his refugee hearing he MUST update his PIF and state clearly that he is now married and that an In Canada Spousal Application has been submitted.

The chances of acceptance is totally based on what you submitted in support of your spousal application.

Sitting back thinking, don´t worry, be happy, I have a marriage certificate, will not bring you success.

You need to seriously consider a third party to assess your marriage application and remember it is your obligation to prove your relationship.

Having a child does not prove anything other than the fact that you are capable of creating a new life.


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Thanks for the straight foward reply Roy. No tear jerkin this is just my life. I will advise husband on updating his PIF. As well we will be retaining a lawyer asap for legal counsel.
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Retaining a Lawyer at this late stage of his refugee process will be costly and not be that effective for his refugee claim.

You need someone who is willing to spend sufficent time with you BOTH to improve your spousal application.

The only chance your husband has is to convince others that your in a genuine marriage. One that may have taken excessive time to happen based on a don´t worry be happy attitude.

If your husband was in Canada for a couple of years and then made a refugee claim basically at the last minute his spousal application will also be put under a microscope to look for reasons to refuse.

Getting sufficent quality evidence together takes time and effort. Most people do not walk around with a camera during their normal daily routines snapping photos of themselves grocery shopping as a loving couple.

Proving a last minute relationship takes time and effort. You need to find someone and not necessarily a Lawyer who will put together a quality package of common sense items.

Just because you have a child does not mean your in a genuine relationship. You being on a disability pension implies you might be more likely of being paid to be in this relationship so you must PROVE otherwise.

Any representative you retain should put you through two or three marriage interviews as well. Just incase your husband and you get called for a marriage interview which is highly likely.


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Hi Lynn-

I would suggest that you get a contact for Roy & make an appointment to go see him.. I believe he will be able to help you especially on the spousal which I understand is his passion.

After all you consult him for free advice it would only be fair to retain him instead of someone else now that you may need to pay.

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Hello, i need some advise i am a refugee claimant,i came here from the caribbean 9/05/2010 i made my Refugee calimant on the 10th of May.As i was in a very abusive relationship which i seek help from the authorites in my country several times and nothing was done. So i got a chance to flee my country and that i did. My question is i got married on 21st of August 2011,but my case was heard already and was denied also i appeal and it was denied. On August 23rd 2011 i was put on the PRRA which am in the process of leaving Canada,also we got back a letter 2weeks ago that our application was approved and start processing.i was told that i would have to with draw my application and start it all over again outside Canada and that the processing fee is non refundable.My husband he has been feeling a bad pain in his left leg which he was told he had to do an MRI which is scheudle on Feb 05 2012,am terrible stress as we dont know what step to take as my enforcement order to leave Canada is on the 10th Jan 2012,what can we do to extend the time i just want to make sure he is ok and that the results wont lead to a operation,i would feel so devastated to know he will have to an operation and am not around to assist him,he has one son that comes and go,my ticket was also bought already,Please advice us what to. Also just to let you know we already send a letter to withdraw the application also we start the new one already we have not heard anything yet,since we sent the request of withdrawal.
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The best way to help your husband is to follow through on your enforcement order and to get an Outland sponsorship application going. If you are inside Canada, you have a much higher risk of delay, additional scrutiny (are you using the marriage to obtain status) and there is no option to appeal if you are denied.

I assume you are no longer in danger back home.

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Thank you for your advise. As for your question if am no longer in danger,i know my life will be hell once words got out to my childs father that am back,also to his police friends which i was to testify against before i leave,but because i fear for my life and family i never testify against the corrupt cops. But my case was review and they came to the decision that am no longer in danger,but who ever review my case i would love for them just to live the life i flee from just for one minute,but i wont fight i will abide by there rules, my husband is scared to death,so i wont be staying in the area where i was living before i flee the country because i know i wont be protected,so am going way out in the country untill my sponsorship comes through.
And to answer your other question, i never use marriage to obtain my status,after being in a country you meet someone and fall inlove is there a crime against that,my husband propose to me on mothers day of 2011.So my next question to you is would i be penalize when my sponsorship come through?would they delay my sponsorship? My lawyer told me that out of country sponsorship can take 6-12 mths.Thanks again.

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I am a refugee claimant in Canada and have not have my hearing yet.Before I was in the USA. (it is to be mentioned that I am from Pakistan).I came to Canada through the border and claimed refugee at the border. I have two questions to ask: If I get married to somebody in the USA, do I need to have a PR here or he can sponsor me as his spouse while I am still a refugee claimant?

my second questions is that: If my husband sponsors me in the USA, will there be any problem processing my sponsorship because I claimed refugee here and without letting the US gov know? ( to clarify my point, I did not have a visa to enter Canada, & of course not an exist stamp from the US gov) so do you think it is going to affect me when my husband sponsor me? thanks so much for reply.

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stlucia is not as bad as africa based on the refugee situation but there is something that the canadian government dont want to get into their thick skulls.there is no real police protection in the country.the police dont give a fuck about the citizens.all they care about is drugs money and young school mother called the police wen her son was being brutally murdered.they said they dont have a vehicle so they couldnt come.even the justice system have failed miserably.a rapist walks away a free man even wen it is so obvious that he raped and killed an innocent young girl.the police motto in st.lucia is shoot to kill.i heard that from a st.lucian officer and its not shooting in the name of protecting the the idiot who said that there is no problem in St.lucia is obviously not watching the news.