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Subject: Wanting to move to Canada - help?
  Long story short: I´m fed up with all of the right-wing radicals, daily gang violence, and horrible infrastructure of the USA. For many years I have wanted to move to Canada, and have decided that it´s now or never.

I essentially have no possessions to take with me, just my guitar if the airlines allow it. I also have about $2000 (US) in the bank. Aside from that, I plan to start from square one upon arrival. I´ve detached myself from everything else and am ready to leave it all behind. The problem is that I know NOTHING about moving to a foreign country - I have never been outside of the US.

So anyway, I´m just looking for someone to point me in the right direction. ALL help will be greatly appreciated, as I know NOTHING on the subject. My main concerns are getting a job, getting a place to stay, going to school, and all the paperwork/legal stuff that comes with it.

(Also, I´m not sure where exactly I want to go - probably wherever has the cheapest plane ticket. But suggestions are welcome.)

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You can´t just move to Canada. Assuming you have no immediate family in Canada who can sponsor you - you really have two realistic options:

1) Obtain a job offer from a Canadian company and then apply for a work permit. The company hiring you has to be willing to file an LMO (labour market opinion) to prove that they can´t find a qualified applicant for the role within Canada (and that´s why they have to hire you). The LMO process is fairly long and involved so not all companies are willing to do it.

2) Submit an application for immigration as a skilled immigrant. (You´ll have to save up more money to qualify for this category. What you have in your bank account today unfortunately won´t do.)

You could also apply as a student. However you will have to show $10K in available funds to cover living expenses - PLUS the cost of tuition.

Start reading here for information on skilled worker qualifications and how to apply:


Study permit information is available here:


Information on LMOs is here:


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One more thing.

All this has to be done OUTSIDE of Canada through the Canadian Embassy. You can´t show up here and then decide that you want to stay, more than likely you won´t make it pass the airport.

A simple place to start:


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Very good (and important) point - DocD!
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Just to add. Although your motivations are understandable and in my opinion somewhat valid, every country has its pluses and minuses and Canada is no exception. You shouldn´t be naive and think that moving somewhere else will solve things. Canada is not any easier than any other new country to starting a new life. Many have been disappointed and returned to their home country, often because of adaptability issues, failed expectations, or financial hardship.

As it happens now, professional jobs in Canada (as in much of the world) are scarce. If you´re willing to do menial labor, you may be able to find work. But as mentioned above, you just can´t show up and expect to be allowed start a new life, be it working or going to school. You must go through the formal process of qualifying and applying for one of the immigration, work permit, or study paths well in advance.

You mentioned you know nothing of the subject. Well, you have to educate yourself first in order to make the right decisions and be successful. Follow the immigration links provided earlier. Having never left the U.S., consider visting Canada and having a look around first, before jumping into the deep end of the pool.

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