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Subject: Leaving after landed immigrant status
  Hi I´m Archimedes Aguilar. I´m 22 male student from the Philippines and my mother is currently in Canada. It´s been years since our mother has applied us for permanent residence in Canada. It´s been also a little over a month ago when we have sent our passports(me and my little sister) to the embassy so we are expecting our visa´s with a date anytime from now ´til February 11, 2011(expiration date of our medical check up). If we receive the visa´s with a date later than that, we might have to renew our medical check up which I think will not be a problem. If though we receive our visa´s earlier then I have to leave for Canada.

Currently I´m still studying college. I´m at a university that implements a trimester program. It means that this school has 3 semesters a year rather than the common 2 semesters per year. I´m currently in the 2nd semester this school year which runs from mid September to mid December. I also need to enroll in the 3rd semester which runs from January to mid April. If I accomplish my subjects up until the 3rd semester(which I´m positive that I can), I will have already graduated.

Now here is the conflict:
I´m already 22 and my mother said that if I pass up any chance to leave for Canada now to be an immigrant, I might have a very low chance or no chance to have a successful application. Then I might have to leave during my classes in which is crucial for a graduating student. I want to finish my studies here because continuing my degree in Canada might have it´s setbacks and etc. which I am avoiding.

Q: How long do I have to stay in Canada before I am permitted to go back to the Philippines to finish my degree? We have a 2 week Holiday break between the 2nd and 3rd trimester. I we have the visa before then, then that could be 2 weeks less from the time I have to miss school while in Canada. How long can I get my landed immigrant status from the time I arrive in Canada? Will they give me consideration since I´m graduating and let me return to the Philippines right away after getting my landed immigrant status? Of course, I can promise to be back right away once I´ve finished my studies. That would be not later that May of 2011.

Archimedes Aguilar
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You can enter Canada in the morning, do the landing procedures (at the airport) and technically you can catch an airplane back to your home country right after you are out of the inspection area.

Then you will need a travel document from the Canadian Embassy to come back but with the timeline you are providing, it won´t be a big deal. What you are saying is very average and it happens quite often, specially with dependents where their parents are the principal applicants and they are still studying.

While you are in Canada though, (after your landing) I would recommend you to apply for your Health Care card and Social Insurance Number. Use your mom´s address as your address in Canada. You are going to need one so CIC can mail your PR card.

landed immigrant status (in reply to: Leaving after landed immigrant status)
how long can a landed immigrant leave canada for with out effecting the landed immigrant status.
William Duff
Landed immigrant on a trip to Italy (in reply to: Leaving after landed immigrant status)
My Daughter is on a school trip at spring break. She is still waiting for her permanent resident card, which wont be here. She has a British passport. Can she still travel with her school to Italy without her PR card and return to Canada??
Dan Threlfall
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