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Subject: refugee claim!!!
  Hi there

I really need help from anyone, i want to make a refugee claim here in Canada but i donīt know how. i tried to go to a cic office but they just told me to call immigration. i am honestly thinking about suicide since there is no way i am going back to my country. i canīt get a lawyer since i am broke and with no job and i canīt ask my family for help because they will hate me if i tell them my story.i tried calling legal aid but they said they canīt help me since i came to Canada as an international student
i also donīt know if my story will make me eligible for refugee status.
i donīt know what to do, please anyone help because i really donīt want to die and i have reached desperation a long time ago.
please help me.

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"i also donīt know if my story will make me eligible for refugee status."

Probably not. If you were in need of protection you would have applied for it, ages ago. Even at the port of entry when you first entered Canada. Why until now? Has anything changed since the day you entered until today that now you are in need of protection and not when you first came to Canada?
You are going to have to answer to that in one of your first interviews and have valid prove.

Call CIC and start there but I won´t hold my breath on this.

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You will have one heck of a hard time convincing me that your country is any worse than Canada!!! But please don´t take your own life. That´s what cowards do! And it is selfish, looking at it from the side of your family back home.
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Man, clam down. There are pro bono lawyers. Call CIC and ask where to find them.
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It is very unlikely you will succeed in obtaining refugee status if you are already in the country and did not claim this upon entry. An exception may be made if something has changed in your country of origin and you now face persecution there and did not before.

If you are considering taking your life I think it would be worth the effort to find a lawyer even if you don´t qualify for legal aid. Even debt to pay for a lawyer would be better than dying, no?

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