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Subject: Deported 6 years ago!!!
  I was deported (took voluntary departure)from canada 6 years ago to Nepal, I had entered Canada from U.S. since my visa status was about to expire in states so I entered Canada without a visa. Thus I was caught and deported back to Nepal for not having canadian visa. I am not married to a born canadian citizen also have a kid who is a born canadian citizen also, I want to come back to canada for a visit can I come?
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You seem confused. Voluntary departure order is for some one who has tried to extend visitor status and told they must leave immediately.

If you went by yourself voluntary then you were not deported.

If you were excluded you were not deported.

If you are married to a Canadian or a PR and know for sure your removal status it would be easier to answer your question.


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Hi Roy,

Thanks for your input, I was not married back when I was excluded, we got married 1 year later.

I see you are an attorney and am hopefull that you will be able to better guide me, what are my possibilities? I have a very stable job and income here, therefore initially I want to come on a visitor`s visa stay there for couple of months and if things work out i`ll go ahead with my wife sponsoring me if otherwise i`ll simply come back home.

Do you see this happening smoothly?

Regards Tony

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There are two things here:

1- You were excluded not deported. Means you were banned from entering Canada for two years.
Technically you are good to go (at least about the ban)

2- You are not going to get a visitor´s visa, not a hope in hell. The risk of you entering Canada and not leaving at the end of your visit is to high. Your wife lives here, your kid is here, you overstayed in the US and you were banned previously.

There is gotta be a dramatic change in your current situation in order to obtain a visitor´s visa. So far you don´t have a chance at least not as a visitor.

If you are planning on moving to Canada, your best option would be to apply for a Permanent Resident status under the family class category and fill an outland application. Your current wife would have to sponsor you.

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hi all.....i did refugge claim 2007 may 2009 my refugee claim was refused...i got maried my wife she is canadian she sponsor me the immigration refused my sponsorship case..i did appeal to the federal cort..i dint get any answer yet..the cbsa send me prra..i want to know if i fail prra the prra is refused then i want to leve ..because i want to do sponsorship out side canada..if prra is refused i can still appely out side the canada..and aslo how i fail the tex i work all year.if i leve how i fail the tex end off the wife sponsor me she is canadian..i am working she have no work no incom.if i leve any think problem..with me there..plz give the answer
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DocD: My wife and kids lives with me in Nepal, and had I wanted to obtain PR in canada I would have applied for it years ago, but in current socio economic situation of Canada I best believed that staying back home is a better option since livelihood is better here atleast for my family.

As far as our visit is concerned I want to take them on vacations preferably to a skiing resort or something, and if canadian immigration denies or refuses my visit visa they can we will just have to look for another location to holiday at.

And even if I decide to stay in canada after my visit visa expires it`ll be through change of status from my wife`s sponsorship so either ways I do not think I pose a problem to society.

But yes, will explain this to the visa officer and lets see, but thanks for the input....

Rgds Tony

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your best shot is to put down all cards in front of the visa section and see how it goes; in the worst case, you continue to live in Nepal and ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULLEST, or come here and suffer for a number of years before deciding to return, perhaps with a Canadian passport.
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That is the thing Advisor, I do not intend or want to stay there for couple years or even more than a few months for that matter, and if i`ll be denied a visitor`s visa just becuase if I have a canadian wife than I would love to see that happen and would surely make it public via press and
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Tony, you absolutely would be denied a visitors visa because of your Canadian wife - it happens every day. Nobody believes you would just be a visitor and leave at the end of your visit. Rather than risk it - CIC simply says no. NO media required.

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Guess this is going to be FUN!!! Lmao I just want to record a tape of immigration officer saying you are being denied since you have family in canada ;)
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you are a little confused. Thousands of people have family in Canada. There are hundreds of people deported every day that have family in Canada. Why do you think this is news? It is the law. Having Canadian children gives you no special status.