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I´ll make this as brief as possible. I got a job from outside Canada, went through the LMO process and finally got my work permit issued. I´m due to arrive in 3 days. However, on contacting my employer, I was told that they had employed someone else since my work permit application took forever, and are not too sure my services will be required anymore. I´m really gobsmacked and am at a complete loss as to what to do next. Do I still go ahead and ´land´ with a view to seeing if things will change from my employers end, or perhaps look for some other job on arrival?

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I wouldn´t. Your work permit is company specific.

First, contact your employer and get an answer, it is either yes or no. "Not too sure" is a very poor answer.
Get it in writing.

If you have a job, things are going according to the plan. If you don´t have a job, you are going to lie at the port of entry saying that you have a job with a company when that is not true and then try to look for another job in Canada?

I am not sure if you realize that your work permit is NOT an open permit, it means that you have some restrictions including your employer.

Don´t lie, it is not worth it.

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Thanks for the advice DocD. I spoke to them again today and they said they had to get someone on the interim since my application took forever (I could blame the High Commission, but there´s no point, is there?). They´re not too sure they would have much for me to do this year; however, next year might be a different story. Now the guy they got on board on the interim isn´t exactly as qualified as I am (so I have been made to understand).
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sounds like you have a work permit for a job that no longer exists.

Lousy news.

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