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  I´ve had an H&C application open with CIC in Montreal since August of 2008. I kept checking the status online and the last note was ´your file has been transferred to the local CIC office and they may contact you´ until about 10 days ago. Now it says ´Decision made´ and I see they mailed me a letter the same day (10 days ago). I keep checking the mail (actually drove home from work during lunch 2-3 times) but no letter yet! I called CIC and they say they allow 4 weeks for delivery before they do anything about it!

My lawyer says usually her clients get a phone call (an interview)when they are deported so this must be good news.

Anyone has similar experience?

Thank you for bearing with me guys, this is more nerve-wrecking then the 26 months in limbo!

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This may not reflect your time-line because CIC processes on a case-by-case. It is only for your information.

The "Decision Made" date means (in another H & C file) the day your local immigration office printed a confirmation of permanent residence.

A letter is sent about 3 weeks afterward.

In another file, it is 2 weeks, a family.

I hope you find a PINK letter soon.


I am pleased to advise you that the processing of your application for permanent residence will be finalized at an interview that has scheduled for:

DATE xx/xx/xxxx TIME xx:xx am Location: Bla Bla Rue

Good luck! The final interview is pretty important, too. Be prepared to answer.

(PLEASE DO NOT ATTACK MY POST. If anyone wishes to communicate, please refer to the original poster, not mine. Thank you.)

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Thank you!

I hope it is positive!

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Anyone else with a similar case?

Still waiting 15 days after ´a letter was mailed´...

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Luke, I´m so jealous of you. I´ve filed my application about the same time as you are, but in ontario, and, it is still in "in process" stage. Anyway, I wish you the very best of luck. :)
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Bty, if you are concern about the mail being lost, why not contact immigration office with you client id and ask when you should expect to get it.
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I did call immigration and as I mentioned in the first post they said they allow 4 weeks for delivery. That´s why I posed the question here. In case someone had the same happen to them.

Hang in there guys and the best of luck to all of you!

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hi i just sent my h and c in on sep 24 2012 i just wanted to no when will i get any letter from immigration
carbbean girl
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hi sir, just want seek your advice and opinion
I applied my family for spousal sponsorship together with my two kids and they approved already, but my wife just recently knew that the cic manila has requested their passport last September 10, 2018. The date now is November 22 so its more than two months passed and she didn´t send their passports and other required documents, what will happen to their application, IS THERE possibility that they will be refused or deny

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