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Subject: Moving to the US
After three years of trying to get my green card which entitles me to work in the US, I finally got my green card to work... I´m wondering if this time period is normal or was mine more delayed....
Danielle Faddies
all (in reply to: Moving to the US)
all feedback is welcome
Danielle Faddies
lucky (in reply to: Moving to the US)
It took me almost 8 years, so you are lucky..
Danielle Faddies

Danielle Faddies
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Why post this at a Canada immigration forum? If you´re already in Canada, what´s wrong with where you´re at? 8-10 years is normal, by the way.
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Hey danielle why are you answering your own query??? You must have a lot of time on your hands? LOL

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