No Trust To CSIC consultants.

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Subject: No Trust To CSIC consultants.
  Today, the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC) launched an information campaign to promote the Quebec government´s positive move to protect its consumers by regulating immigration consultants.

Starting today, Québec´s new regulation concerning immigration consultants is in force. All immigration consultants dealing with the government of Quebec have until February 2, 2011 to register with the province and obtain certification from the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants (CSIC); those that do not will be shut out of the Quebec immigration process by the government.

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MONTREAL, Nov. 3, 2010 / CNW Telbec / - Tomorrow, November 4, into application of the first Quebec regulations to regulate the work of immigration consultants, announced today the Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities, Mme Kathleen Weil, saying it was an important step forward, both for the protection of potential immigrants on the integrity of public services and the laws of Immigration of Quebec.

Upon entry into force of the regulation of immigration consultants who wish to continue their practice will, no later than February 2, 2011:

file an application for recognition and pay the costs;
be members in good standing of the regulatory body appointed;
be registered with the Registrar of companies in Quebec.
Once recognized, these consultants will be included in REGISTER Quebec immigration consultants maintained by the Department of Immigration and Cultural Communities of Quebec. They will benefit by following a time to meet all requirements of the new regulations, including:

one year to pass the exam on the Quebec regulations on immigration;
two years to demonstrate knowledge of French appropriate to the exercise of this activity.
Note that the Regulation gives the Minister of Immigration and Cultural Communities the power to suspend or revoke the recognition of an immigration consultant who does not meet these obligations. The settlement also gives her the power to prosecute a person who acts as an immigration consultant without being duly recognized. Fines can range from $ 1 000 to 50 and $ 000 double for repeat offenses.

"Now, all immigration consultants must comply with the rules for practice in Quebec and will be held accountable. These new regulations will curb the bad practices of fraudulent immigration consultants. It will also make an important difference in the lives of vulnerable people who might be the actions of bad people, "concluded Minister Weil.

Remember also that prospective immigrants can complete themselves all the immigration procedures. They are not required to use an immigration consultant and no priority or special consideration is given to the file of a candidate who hires a consultant.

Information on the new regulations and the steps to take to get recognition are available on the website of the Department of Immigration and Cultural Communities: / Consultant

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and what do they propose to do about consultants outside the country and their jurisdiction? THAT is where I see the biggest problem.
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Well hats off to Quebec; unlike the shitty provinces (Ontario and BC), they are at least doing something to control fraud within Quebec. Sharon you need to temper your crappy mind. They can´t do good all over the world or even Canada but they certainly can do some good in Quebec and they are doing it. Hope the other provinces take note and do something good too.
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In Canada consultants can be prosecuted under Canadian law. Fly by night consultants in other countries are free to do as they wish, promise as they see fit and charge whatever they like - and the Canadian government can´t touch them.

How about we all guess together where the problem actually exists.

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Some Chinese are very good drivers!
Some Nigerians never have thousands of dollars under their beds!
Some Russians do not belong to the Mafia!
Some Muslims are not terrorist!
Some Tamils do not support the Tigers!
some Jamaicans do not sell herbs!
Some Lawyers have actually studied Immigration Law!
Some Regulatory bodies actually regulate effectively!

Here is an article which shows the government of the Philippines says they can do nothing about crooks in their countries who act as Canadian Immigration Consultants.

Can Licensed Mechanics at Canadian Tire do anything about the guy on your street changing winter tires or doing break jobs for his neighbors????

What about the applicants that are willing to provide any document, or say anything to get into this country? Should they be put into jail in their country when they lie to a Canadian government official? Should they be thrown into jail for submitting fraudulent documents?

If a man or woman enters into a bogus marriage just to get to Canada should they be put into the goolag (sp) or sent to Siberia for trying to trick a Canadian Official?

I believe that you have to have ethics from a very early age and no one can know your ethical because you wear a fancy suit. It is still and will probably be for ever buyer beware.

I have said on this forum many times, if it is too good to be true run! Get references!!!!!

Everyone has a responsibilty to do their own research and to ask questions of any advisor.

Everyone can not bake a cake, repair a car, renovate their home, shingle their roof, create a pretty flower garden, sell their own home, prove their relationship is genuine etc.

That is why there is a service industry in this country and others.

The government of Canada claims everyone can do it themselves but when there is an excessive delay does CIC pass out the special e-mail contact addresses of every Visa post to the general public?


Why not?

I got them sent to me!

Am I the same as (all) the rest, NO!
Am I better then (all) the rest, NO!


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what do you mean too good to be true, e.g some consultants promised money back if the application is not successful - is that too good to be true?
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I would like a list of people who got their money back before I believed it and I would call every one of them.
how do I Trust this consultancy (in reply to: No Trust To CSIC consultants.)

I would like to apply for Canadian PR, one of the canadian consultancy is ready to assit me and they have promised me that they will surely migrate me to Canada. How do I trust them ???

Sri Vidhya
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anyone that guarantees you successful immigration should not be trusted.
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Sharon is so right.

CSIC members are not allowed to guarantee any results because they are not the decision makers. They can how ever offer a money back refund but the conditions of any refund have to be clearly spelled out in the retainer agreement.

Remember that item you bought and it did not work?

Did you get your money back or a store credit?


To get Regestration numbere (in reply to: No Trust To CSIC consultants.)
Hi, I am applying to Canadian Application for Selection Certificate. Can I get consultant’s registration number from your office?
Maru Guade

Maru Guadie