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Subject: strange refusal
  i had submitted my application along with all documents and processing fees (for my spouse and dependant childrens )in pak rupees in the given online account from the Islamabad Visa Post on 17th of April, 2010.

But after the dead line date expired the Islamabad Visa Post returned my all documents with application forms and advise me to submit the application forms along with all supporting documents and processing fees in Canadian dollars to the London visa post.

I immidiately submitted the whole case as advised by the Islambad Visa post but in the mean time London Visa Post had taken the decision on the file, and refusal letter issued by them.

Can they reconsider my file, or what will be the solution?

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Which application?


strange refusal (in reply to: strange refusal)
Oh Roy,

application for permanent residence canada FSW class.

WHAT IS VISA TYPE (in reply to: strange refusal)
dear sir,

please reply what is your visa type did you submit TRV or PR?

`khurram kareem
strange refusal (in reply to: strange refusal)
application for PR
Why is the Indian Consulate at Toronto so idiotic?) (in reply to: strange refusal)

My friend lost his passport few years back whenever he goes to consulate in Toronto they always send him back he got all the paperwork pcc,forms,landed papers,photo,draft. I went with him and what i see those IDIOTS have no respect for people waiting in the line they just know how to keep cellphones with them when u walk in so nobody can record what they do at work.I hate that crow....they are busy without work...anyways whats next once again we were send back without submitting his documents everytime Consulate refuse to submit his documents ....They need to be fired and must have new people who respect there jobs....
I have made Complain against them .I have some numbers m still working on if anybody has face the same problems try these numbers and tell your story maybe all of us can bring some change which is helpfull for lots of people who havent meet there families from years .....waiting in INDIA
Please share your story with these people they might help us
Try this number if u have complain for Indian Consulate
I hope it is helpful "thank you".

1800 263 1830
1866 734 5169
416 384 6591

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