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Subject: Moving back to Canada
I have an urgent question regarding moving back to Canada with my wife.

I received my PR card 2.5 years ago and lived since then in my native country due to family reasons. I´ve got married 3 months ago and she doesn´t have any visa to Canada.
Now I´ve got job offer in canadian organization and want to move back.
1. It seems like it´s not even possible for my wife to get temporary visitor visa to accompany me. In the local embassy they told us that since she is a wife of PR she can not prove that she´ll be back in her country after visa expires.
Please advise, is it really true that she can´t get her temporary visa in our situation?

2. Ok. No temporary visa then... How soon can I apply for sponsorship after moving back to Canada? I have job offer on my hands with really good salary, however since I was outside of the country for 2.5 years I don´t have T4 form and probably can not get Option C too.. Will it be enough to provide job offer (or employment contract) to support my financial situation and to start sponsorship for my wife?

Thanks a lot!
Waiting for your advise, I really need your help.

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Income is not an issue when sponsoring a spouse but residency is when your not a Citizen and only a Permanent Resident.

You need to get back take up your position & residency then sponsor your wife. Average processing time six months but could be less depending on your Visa Post Dimitry.


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Roy, thanks for fast reply.
About residency. What exactly does it mean? Should I live in Canada for some time prior to mailing sponsorship application to Mississauga? What period of time should it be?
Lets consider the following situation... I´m returning to Canada, start working at my new Canadian job, rent an appartment, then how long should I wait before I can send an sponsorship application?
Is there any way for my wife to accompany me this time?

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Can anyone advise on the first question? It´s not directly related to immigration or sponsorship however it´s still extremely important
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on question #1 - the odds are not good as CIC will assume she has no intention of returning home at the end of her visit.

I would plan to get to Canada, and sponsor her as outland as soon as you are able but be prepared to live apart for a few months. I don´t see it happening any other way.

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Sharon, thanks for your reply.
I agree that the second way is better and probably simplier. However the idea of being separated for next 7-10 months well...

What documents supporting my wife´s visitor´s visa application could help in this situation and convince the visa section officer that she´s going to return home at the end of her visa? For example will it be good enough to provide a letter from me that explains that I´m going to have a business trip to Canada with my current employer and she is going to accompany me. The business trip is only for 3-4 months (by documents). Also I have home mortgage for next 15 years in my native country...
Is it sufficient? What else could we provide to support the case? Letter from my wife´s university that she is in the middle of post-graduation program?
My thought was to came Canada together and then apply for sponsorship from within.

Dmitry Gibert
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if you are not residing in Canada, you cannot sponsor her. If you are going to lie so you can bring her into Canada as a visitor you risk big problems with your own status. Your plan gets more foolish by the minute.

7-10 months will not kill you. Go for a visit at the half way point.

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hi Dmitry,
I am in the exact same position as you are, I have to return back to canada and how long should I wait before sponsoring my wife, can you please let me know what you did.


Tingu Ravi
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