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Subject: Canadian immigration while studying in Canada

I am an Indian citizen and first arrived Canada in September 2004 to pursue my Undergraduate studies at University Of Toronto. Since then I have had serious setbacks here, transferring institutions, car crash, injuries and such.

Be surprised, to date I still don´t have my undergraduate degree. I am enrolled at University Of Windsor right now but it will take another two years for me to get my undergraduate degree. Though I haven´t done many courses, I did take quite a handful of courses however while dropping them which made me lose the money I paid for them.

I screwed up my past six years for which I am paying for now, I am just tired of paying the International student fees every semester and applying for study permit extensions. I have never done anything illegal in the country and I am still proud to be here.

I was wondering if there is anyway/circumstances I can apply for a Canadian Immigration so that I can take the pressure and burden of my parents. I just don´t want them to pay for anything, for which I will need to support myself and getting a PR seems to be the only way.

Any suggestions please?

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This is a very interesting question to me too! I would like to know if it is possible to apply for PR while being a student at a Canadian university. Presume that there is no PROFESSIONAL work experience to help gain points. Any body out there knows anything really applicable today?
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