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Subject: Inadmissible dependent child Sec 40 IRPA
  Hello Sharon/Roy,

Please advise if a dependent child who is inadmissible for
2 years under section 40 of IRPA for misrepresentation renders the principal applicant inadmissible too?

One of my friends sponsored his parents with two siblings but the visa officer have advised him that one of the dependent child could be inadmissible under sec 40 of IRPA for submitting forge educational degree.



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Oh yeah, it is always a friend, never you! Like I believe that!

Like your not doing this business. A40 unusual term!

Could be inadmissible when the Visa Officer has determined that the educational documents are fraudulent.

Like I might get a ticket for going 200K an hour in a 50k school zone.

I have been told not to waste my time but I was trying to prove a point to another.


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