When you're wrong, you're WRONG!

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Subject: When you're wrong, you're WRONG!
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What happened to common sense?

It appears from this and other recent media stories the Conseratives don´t want to get re-elected or their listening to the rich complaining about their Landscapers and Domestics. I can´t wait for the average Canadian to give them a taste of good old Common Sense.

When I worked at the Removal Unit I heard on a regular basis.

"Take the Kids with you or leave them behind my job is to remove you"

Not one CBSA Officer would even dare utter those words to me now!

My question is why did this family wait soooooooo long to run to the media?



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seems rather harsh, doesn´t it.

not sure if your political comment is fair but hey, you are entitled and can appreciate your perspective. I would like to know all the background to this story. I am highly skeptical of lazy journalists - see it too many times to read things at face value any more.

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The man´s judicial review still (presumably) has not been posted at this hour (EST)
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I have a family that has not hugged their 14 yearold child in 14 years. They have three Canadian children and if removed the children would have to relinguish their Canadian citizenships just to be able to attend state funded schools.

Canadian children should not be forced out of their country it is against the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.


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