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Subject: immigration matter
Dear Roy:
I have check with google hong zhang mother and also the federal court decision. what should I do next??

Johann Leung
(in reply to: immigration matter)
How come your wife and children didn´t accompany you to Canada?

immigration matter (in reply to: immigration matter)
I came to Canada thirty five years ago, this is my second marriage, which we married 10 years ago. still waiting.
Johann Leung
Inadmissible dependent child Sec 40 IRPA (in reply to: immigration matter)
Hello Sharon/Roy,

Please advise if a dependent child who is inadmissible for
2 years under section 40 of IRPA for misrepresentation renders the principal applicant inadmissible too?



Canada (in reply to: immigration matter)
Please suggest which option is the best while applying for canadia immigration as permanent resident worker. In my opinion it is to get the Quebec Selection Certificate then apply for immigration.

Muhammad Hammad Ali
Am I eligible to immigrate to Quebec (in reply to: immigration matter)
Hello!My name is Ruzana, I am from Armenia and I want to immigrate to Quebec.I have already sent my documents to the visa office in Vienna(in August 2010)and I haven´t received a reply yet.Could anyone help me,please?is it possible to immigrate to Quebec, if
1.I am 35 years old
2.I am a teacher of English and French by education and I have 3 years of experience in teaching English at a secondary school
4.Now it´s already 10 years I work as a loan officer
5.I am married and I HAVE 2 children,9 and 6 years old
6.I have taken TEFAQ AND GOT B1 for comprehension oral and B2 for speaking
For IELTS I got listening 7, Writing 6, Reading 7,5, Speaking 7
and how long does it take if you apply from Armenia through Vienna visa Office.
Thank you very much in advance


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