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Subject: work permit with dependents under pnp
  My husband had already an acceptance letter from bcpnp last aug 28,2.10. His boss offered me a job to cover up with the LICO requirement because we hace 3 kids.I have a positive LMO and job offer. Question is...Can I bring my kids with me right away? My job offer was in a hotel as housekeeper. My husband is in BC right now with the same type of job.

The LMO will expire by february and I will send the application for my visa this Oct. Can I apply for the kids study permit? I have 8,5 and 2yo. I just thought if its possible because I am not aware of the timeline on how we are going to be processed. I was thinking of its possible to bring the kids while we wait for the pnp.? with the proof of funds that we have,...will it help me bring the kids?
I cant leave them.

sad mommy

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