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Subject: PRTD info required urgently!
  Hello everyone!

I came to canada few days back as skilled immigrant,
unfortunately my spouse was not able to accompany me, so now i have started the procedure for PR card, but i need to return to get my spouse here,
so i need the procedure to get the Permanant resident Travel document PRTD,
- can i apply it here in canada, as im near toronto currently,
- what type of docuements do i need to arrange
- how long does it take to get it?

its very urgent,, plz need help from you guys,

many thx to all,

best regards

Suleman M
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was your spouse listed on your SW application?

did you list yourself as married?

you do not need to return home to sponsor your wife... in fact- as a PR you cannot sponsor your wife from outside Canada.

you need to explain yourself better before we can answer you.

PRTD info required (in reply to: PRTD info required urgently!)
Sorry for not providing enough info,
Both me and my spouse got the immigration for canada from paris,
She has her landing papers and visa for entry but she wasnt able to accompany me here due to medical reasons,

now as i came alone here to start the process,
but now i need to go back to bring her here, but with out PR card delivered, i can not re-enter canada with her,
so need to know how to get a 50dollar PRTD- which can help me re-enter canada with her,

hope im clear this time,
thx for you reply,
i really appreciate that alot!

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Why do you have to go to pick her up? She can enter Canada without you since you already landed.

You have basically to simple options.

1- Wait until you get your PR card and then fly down if that´s what you want.
2- Contact the Canadian Embassy in your home country and apply for a temporary travel document to travel to Canada.

In the other hand if you are a French national, you don´t need a visa to come to Canada. The airline might give you heck if show a one way ticket but once you are at the Canadian POE you will be fine.
The CBSA officer will give you crap for insufficient documentation but at the end they will let you in.

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If its real urgent to go back to bring your spouse with you in Canada without having PR card, you can go and at the home country you can apply for the TRAVELLING DOCUMENT and explain for your situation and then can come back to Canada.

All the information is on regarding how to get and where to get the TRAVELLING DOCUMENT.

Best luck

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i am a permanent residence of canada, but never applied for pr card. in a 4 weeks i need to go abroad for a business conference and i dont have enough time to wait for my pr card. i was told i have to apply for prtd soon as i am outside canada. why cant i apply for prtd here in canada? i am only going away for 8 days
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