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Subject: Sponsoring questions etc..... Advice Please
  G´day lads
My name is James,29 yrs old, I was born/raised in Canada, I still live here. I recently asked my girl from the Phillpines to marry me. (She´s still there)
Ive read through Canada´s immigration website so many times and honestly Im LOST. conjugal/common law/ etcetcetc,,

I just want to marry her. Do any of you have any personal experience´s? (Im new here, sorry if i offended anyone)for example: how long? whats the path of least resistance? where do I go from here. Costs. and anything else you lads might think I should Know.

Please help fella´s! Where do I go from here?

ANY help would be Greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much lads, Cheers

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Start here:


Good luck!

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