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Subject: Jamaican want to migrate to Canada
  Hi I am really interested in living, studing and working in Canada, i took the assesment test (www.cic.gc.ca) and passed as a skilled worker. I dont know what to do to get started with the process.

1. Should i start looking a job in Canada? even though i dont hav a canadian visa

2 should i look for a school to go to continue studying? if so any recommendations of affordable ones.

3 my father has be working as a farm worker in canada for over 20 years now although i am almost 30 can this assist me in my application.

Pleas guide me and provide any assistance possible

thanks in advance

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You need to find a job in Canada and have the employer send a letter of acceptance to you,then you send it in to immigration with your work permit app.
Having family in Canada just gives you points towards your app but helps in no other way.

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