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Subject: Straightforward spousal sponsorship - questions

My fiance and I are planning to marry soon. He is from the US and I am in Canada. We are preparing to reside in Canada. Currently he lives in the US and I live here.

I have a couple basic questions.

Neither of us has children, no previous marriages, no criminal records, no immigration problems. I´ve looked at some of the average timeframes on the Canadian immigration website, but I´m wondering if anyone knows what kind of delay I may expect if I hope to sponsor him to come here. I´m hoping the fact that we have no complicating issues or dependents will help speed up the process faster than the 10+ months listed on the website.

Secondly, we have regular visits back and forth between our respective countries. Our plan is to marry, he will return home and I will sponsor him outbound (?) rather than from within Canada. I´ve heard that´s faster.

Does anyone know if we will still be able to have regular (monthly?) visits while we are undergoing the visa process or will we get hassled at the border? I´m particularly thinking of my fiance, as he will be the one looking to immigrate. Will our visits have to cease until he is approved for permanent residency?

Thirdly, I had an extended absence from work last year. I returned to work in May. It´s my understanding that unless I am sponsoring my fiance in Quebec (I´m not) and/or he is bringing dependents (he´s not) then I don´t have to show proof of a minimum income for the past 12 months. Just want to make sure.


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currently buffalo is taking approx 6 months from the time they recieve the app,so 6 months oplus 2 for mississauga = 8 months total.
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Shiny -

Definitely sponsor outland/outbound. This route is typically much faster for US applicants.

Yes - your husband will be able to continue to visit while the application is being processed. My husband´s application (he´s an America) was submitted about three months ago and he has continued to come in and out of the country regularly since then.

If you cross the border often, you may want to look into a Nexus card which allows you go bypass the regular customs/immigration lines. Both my husband and I have one.

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Income is not a issue when sponsoring a spouse as long as their is evidence that he/she will not require welfare to survive. IRPA 39


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Roy and Anonymous, thank you very much for your responses. They are a big help!
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