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  I am a foreign worker. i am with my same employer for three years with a valid working permit. Nowadays according to my employer is a little bit slow. My employer applied an arranged employment for me. According to the arranged employment office it would take 18-20 weeks processing time. My purpose to apply for an open visa so I could be able to work at other establishment if I need to. Do you know I would receive an open visa? Sorry I have too many question cuz I like to plan my next plan what to do. I didn´t go back to Saudi Arabia, where I used to work before for 3 years and I have no job to go back to my country of origin, Philippines. Pleas reply, what is my possibility and please give me your very honest opinion. I cordially thank you for extra time to read my email.
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I assume your occupation is not on the list and that is why your applying for an AEO!

If your occupation is not on the list the only option you have is the AEO route.


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Hello Roy,
My NOC code 6211. It´s on the NOC Canada Website. Please reply.
Thank you.

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