Practical nurse need help with PR application!!

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Subject: Practical nurse need help with PR application!!
  Hi there,

Kindly guide me through this..I´m practical nurse here in BC,Canada moving to AB.I´ve been in Canada for 7 years now.I came as a international student and got a post graduate work permit for one year after I successfully graduate from my LPN program(2007 Oct).I do realize that I can either applied under Canadian experience class or Federal Skilled worker category.However, there is a catch.In terms of the Canadian experience class- I´ve worked for 2000 plus hours in three different employers all this years...I was also unemployed for nearly one year due to the budget cuts(lay offs),so I couldn´t prove the continuous full-time job in 12 months or part time in 24 months...Therefore, i opt out of that category... The immigration representative advise me to look into Skilled worker category(arranged employment) since I have a new job offer from Alberta..that´s why I´m moving...My question is that I have all the necessary documents completed,job offer letter and positive LMO under HRDSC,except a letter from my employer indicating that I will be employed indeterminately upon receiving permanent resident status(requirements from the visa specif form from both Malaysia and Buffalo).I think it´s different from the job offer letter.I asked my employer,but she mentioned that i have to pass my probation period in order for them to do so??It will be too late then,coz according to my calculation i will pass my probation anywhere on Nov 2010.It´s very frustrating...Can i still send my application??Also,I realize that the first submission has to be sent to CIO in Nova Scotia,CA, so i don´t have to worry about the visa-specific form??..I am sooo confused with the visa specific form...I´m a Malaysian but have been living in Canada so,what should I do and where am I suppose to sent this??is it buffalo(the nearest visa office to Canada or Malaysia??I have even obtained my police certificate...but don´t know what to do next??please help??

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From the sounds of things, you´ve already had a guaranteed job in Canada, which will give you a bonus point on your skilled immigration application. Just a reminder that CIC has recently changed the 2010 immigration plan, you may want to get more details @

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OMG really???changed it again???Oh no...I hope i can still apply :-(
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