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Subject: getting another PR card
  Hi, I´m stuck with a problem wherein we just had activated our Permanent residency in Canada. Upon return to our country of origin, me and my spouse had a fight wherein he nearly killed me and I escaped to my own country with my child for safety. I am processing a divorce now.My problem is our PR cards are now in the hands of my husband.I don´t want to contact him, can I request another PR cards for me and my child here in the Philippines and is it possible to go to Canada using the consent letter we had drafted in Ottawa for our child? I really would love to raise my child there but I am afraid to live with him again for safety reasons. What shall I do? Thank you awaiting for sound advice.
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Apply for a travel document at

And you need a consent letter to take your child back to Canada or full custody of your child.

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thanks for the info. Want to consult another problem though. My child has been using the a Lebanese passport and has been recorded in her Landed immigrant confirmation form, will it be fine to apply for travel document using her Filipino passport instead of the previous passport she used to enter Canada during the activation of our residency, or will that pose as a huge problem at the immigration? I have also mentioned a consent letter which I and my husband signed in Ottawa drafted by a lawyer there and we put there its gonna serve as for indefinite period of time. Can I possibly use this despite our dispute. We are not divorced still as I am working on it yet. Thanks a lot!
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